The Proposal

(Ferry Plaza, San Francisco)
On November 12th, Wayne and I took the train into San Francisco to visit a couple of art exhibits. The galleries turned out to be closed, so after walking around the city, we found ourselves in North Beach. We enjoyed some cannolis and coffee, and decided to walk up Telegraph hill and look for the wild parrots we love so much.

It was a lovely walk on a crisp fall day. It was sunny and clear enough to see the sailboats in the bay, and it was one of the best views we had seen in a while. We didnít see any of the parrots, however. On our way back to the train station, we came across the flock in Ferry Park (near pier 1). It was a thrilling moment, and as we were gazing up at these delightful, cheerful birds, Wayne put his arm around my shoulder and said "Raelene Danon, will you marry me?" I told him "Iíll have to think about it and get back to you." Just kidding! I said "YES!" faster than you could ever imagine, and Iíve never been happier!

It was a beautiful day, and if the parrots weren't enough of a good omen, a few minutes after we were engaged a minister came into the park asking if we had seen the bride and groom. Apparently he was looking for another couple, but we took it as a good sign and he handed us his card. And then later on, when we were enjoying a delicious celebratory meal at a Persian restaurant, the waitress told us that one of the dishes we were eating was a traditional meal served at Persian weddings. As Wayne says, the stars are right. Indeed they are!

Raelene Danon
2005 December 18