Gift Registry

In lieu of gifts, we welcome people to donate to the following two charitable organizations:
(If you do make a donation, we ask that you let us know so we can send a thank you!)
Equality California,
Supporting everyone's right to marry.
Donate Here
Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue,
Helping neglected, abused, and abandoned parrots across the San Francisco bay area find homes.
Donate Here

Weddings Are A Lot of Work
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help with food and gifts to help make our wedding happen. It is nice to know that we have such wonderful friends and family. June 10th is going to be a wonderful day. Thank you all.
Bed, Bath, & Beyond
Our wedding registry can be accessed here.
Sur la Table
Using the Sur la Table website has been challenging, and customer service at the Berkeley store could be better.
Still though, our attempt at using their registry can be found here. Please note that some of the images DO NOT match the descriptions or item numbers. We have made sure all the item numbers are correct, so use them when in doubt.
To find our registry you will need our Registry Code: 400699089797
And although generally not available through either of the above web sites, anything with a Raiders or Hello Kitty logo is a fun idea.
Provencal Honeymoon
Our dream honeymoon is to spend some time in Provence, France. A donation to the "Raelene & Wayne Honeymoon Fund" is also a welcome gift.
Here is the address to use when shipping gifts:
Raelene Danon & Wayne Coburn