What to Wear

Attire for our wedding is dressy casual. It's fun to dress up, and we encourage you to do so, but please make sure you are comfortable as well. Keep in mind that the ceremony and reception will be on lawn which may be uneven in places, so please no high or spiky heels. We'd hate for any of our guests to twist an ankle or take a fall.

Part of enjoying the great outdoors is being prepared for changes in the weather. The average daytime high in Felton in June is 82F (28C), but it could be foggy or sunny. There's really no way to be sure. The best way to prepare is to wear something light, and bring an extra layer or two in case it gets chilly. Sunscreen is also advisable regardless of how sunny it is. We will have umbrellas on hand in case of drizzle or bright sun, and there is limited space inside the house to relax and rest.

There are also many lovely trails at Quail Hollow, offing several spectacular vistas. So we encourage you to bring some sneakers or better yet hiking boots if you plan on going for a stroll.

If you'd like to check the current weather forecast, please click here. And if you have any questions about attire, feel free to send us an email or give us a call.